From Victim to Survivor, LLC

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Mel's Mission 

to connect with any who relate to or care about abuse on any and all levels.

Mel's Vision

 to see gaps of understanding bridged between all who come in touch with victimization.whether between victims, survivors, first  responders, aggressors, perpetrators, or mere bystanders.

Does your staff or clientele need training in building empathy, teamwork, self-care, coping skills, special needs, LGBTQ issues, police appreciation, first responder concerns, communication skills, victimology, harassment/abuse related issues, or any other such topics?  

From Victim to Survivor, LLC is the company for you! 


Melisa Mel is the CEO, Founder, and President of From Victim to Survivor, LLC.  She is a respected author and her books can be viewed by clicking on the "Books" tab above.  Melisa Mel, also known as the “cargo pants girl”, will come to you with conferences, workshops, or presentations that cater to your company and staff needs.  Her expertise working with victimization, mental health, vulnerable populations, LGBTQ, first aid, and communication has brought her many national nominations and honorable mentions.   

From Victim to Survivor, LLC travels nationally to provide services that cover many topics.  These topics can be viewed under the "Services" tab listed above.  All topics covered are available in Spanish and English.  No group is too small or too big.  No conference time frame is too short or too long.   All attendees receive certificates of attendance. 

From Victim to Survivor, LLC is not funded by grants.  In this last year, 98% of all costs incurred were covered probono by the CEO/President and 2% were covered through trainining budgets.  If you would  like to make a donation to assist with the costs to keep this work going,please go to the "Pay It Forward" tab above and do so.   Costs incurred for the conferences, workshops, and presentations vary depending on location, duration, subject matter, and other such details.   Any and all donations to help assist with these costs are welcome!


Education and communication are keys to finding solutions.   


We are ALL part of the solution to the problem!

Mel's cargo pants logo:

Cargo pants are a reflection of who Mel is as a person.  

Both Mel and cargo pants are simple, efficient, practical, down-to-earth, functional, comfortable, flexible, gender neutral, and represent the dependability of the fields in which Mel prefers to work - that of First Responder.  

How a First Responder acts and what they say when reaching out to a victim will be the key as to whether that victim will seek further assistance or not.  First Responders are critical in combating abuse.  

First Responders come in many different roles.  Anybody can be a First Responder.  They are simply the FIRST person to RESPOND by addressing the victimization in someone's life.  Whether in a paid position, a volunteer position, a family position, or simply a bystander position, we all have the opportunity to be First Responders at some point.  The point is, will we grab that First Responder role and run with it?  Will we accept the challenge of being such an important person to someone that we might not even know?

When Mel stands in front of a group of people, they will find that she has a way of reaching the audience by her straightforward, natural and non-judgmental approach. No matter to what group of people she speaks, the audience leaves motivated to take action in some manner or another.   Naturally, Mel will come to you wearing her cargo pants and the usual big smile on her face.

 Check out Mel's photo gallery to learn more about what things really matter to her!  :)