From Victim to Survivor, LLC

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                                     DONATIONS ARE VERY WELCOME

In this last year, 98% of the services provided by Melisa Mel, the Cargo Pants Girl, were provided probono.  Any and all donations to help this effort to continue are more than welcome!


In Mel's continuing  spirit of "paying it forward" and always keeping victims as a priority, Mel provides services regardless of ones' training budget.  No matter how tight (or non-existant) ones' training budget, please do not hesitate to contact Mel. She is extremely flexible and will go out of her way to make it a win/win situation for everyone.

No agency is too small.  No location is out of bounds.

When requesting a booking, please include the following details in your email:

1 - Location

2 - Population served

3 - Venue available

4 - Number of expected attendees

5 - Presentation or workshop you wish to have presented

6 - Availability of training budget in your agency or location and/or capability to make a donation to assist with costs.

7 - Any other information you would like to share regarding the need in your area

E-mail your request to 

Make sure to include your contact information so that she can get back to you in a timely fashion.