From Victim to Survivor, LLC

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In Mel's continuing  spirit of "paying it forward" and always keeping victims as a priority, Mel provided services regardless of ones' training budget.  No matter how tight (or non-existent) ones' training budget, she did not hesitate to be extremely flexible and willing to go out of her way to make it a win/win situation for everyone.  She used her income as a teacher to support her company.  In the three years that From Victim to Survivor, LLC provided services, only one event brought in a small stipend.   All others were covered pro bono.

No agency was too small.  No location was out of bounds.

One can see evidence of Mel's belief of "paying it forward" based on the photos posted on the "photos" tab up above.  Mel was unstoppable and relentless in reaching out to others.  The three years of From Victim to Survivor were packed with all sorts of events.

Thank you!