From Victim to Survivor, LLC

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Mel, the Cargo Pants Girl, retired From Victim to Survivor on 12/02/17. 

Mel presented and lead workshops nation-wide and internationally.

Below are listed some of the workshops and presentations which Mel brought to the community. 



- Available in English and Spanish

- All attendees receive a certificate of attendance

- Duration of presentations are tailored to your needs

- If there is a topic related to victims, people with disabilities, LGBTQ community, bullying, surviving, abuse, caregiving, or First Responder issues that you would like to see listed and do not see, you may send Mel an email inquiring about the topic.


*Cops are Cool ‘Cause They Care: Why we Should Care About Them

*The Criminal Mindset and The Importance of Knowing it"


* The very many different roles found in abuse…which role do you play?

* What our Culture Teaches us About Sexual and Domestic Violence

* The Importance of Resources and First Responders

* Safety Planning in Today's World.

* Know your enemy!  Understanding why there are and will always be bullies among us!

* The Power Behind Words.  How to Connect with Victims More Effectively!

* Becoming an Advocate After Being a Victim


*Straight Talk about the LGBTQ Community

*What is Gender Dysphoria? 

*Living Transgender in a Close-Minded World

* Diversity in Today's World...Why it's More Critical Today Than Ever!

* Without Empathy, You Just Don't Have Much to Give, Do You? 

* Gender Neutrality in the Workplace

* How to Begin a Diversity Club in a Youth Focused Setting and Why You Should 

*Are you Wondering about Same-Sex Fostering and Adopting? Let’s Talk About It!

*Families Come in Many Shapes. Let’s Get to Know Them

* The Vulnerability of Aging


* Do you Work with Victims?  What does YOUR Self-Care Look Like?  Let's Avoid   Burnout Together!

* When Food is the Enemy! Let’s Talk Frankly About Eating Disorders!!!

* Team Building!  Staying Motivated Together!

* Setting Goals and Keeping them “Real”

* Finding Peace through Writing

* An Author's Journey